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Baingan Bharta (Smoky Mashed Eggplant) – Guest Post for Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums

Belated Diwali wishes to all my readers, I was not able to make anything for the blog this year, been lazy & got sweets from store 🙂 How are all my favorite people doing? Its been a while since you guys saw some action on Sinfully Spicy 🙁 I apologize for vanishing away! Life is slightly busy & I need to concentrate on few things which cannot be postphoned any further. So, even though I m regularly cooking ,blogging dosent fit the schedule always …hope you all will understand…

I m guest blogging for Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums today while she is on a little break.She is one of the most encouraging & kind blogger around, whom I have been lucky enough to be friends with. Depth of her writing, beauty of her lens & her enthusiasm has always been inspiring. If you havent checked out her blog,do drop by, I bet you will fall in love 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise when she wrote to me for a guest post. Thanks so much Rosa for inviting me to your blog.

I am sharing one of my favorite winter recipes with her wonderful readers today. Baingan Bharta or smoky & spicy mashed eggplant is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant and the only way P eats it . Many of you would have already tasted baingan bharta in indian restaurants, now you can make it at home..How cool is that :)Check out my post on Rosa’s blog here. You can print the recipe here.

Just in case any of you is interested, have a look at a variation called hara baingan bharta which I shared long back here. Both the recipe are way different but if you are eggplant crazy like me, you have to try them all..

Ingredients: – (Serves 2-3)

▪                1 large eggplant (about 1lb)

▪                1 tsp oil (for rubbing on the eggplant)

▪                3 tbsp mustard/olive oil

▪                1 cup chopped red onions

▪                1″ fresh ginger shoot, chopped

▪                4 garlic cloves, chopped

▪                1-2 Thai green chilies, chopped (adjust to tolerance)

▪                1.25 cups chopped tomatoes

▪                1 tsp coriander seeds

▪                3-4 whole dry red chilies (adjust to tolerance)

▪                1/2 tsp amchoor (dry mango powder)

▪                1/2 tsp garam masala

▪                Salt to taste

▪                1 tsp mustard/olive oil (for drizzle on top, optional)

▪                Cilantro, green chilies chopped (for garnish)

Method: –

Wash the eggplant and dry the skin with a cloth. Rub1 tsp of oil all over. Use any one of the following methods to char the eggplant: –

1.              This is what I do: – Heat your stovetop on high. Char the whole eggplant, turning with the use of tongs to char on all sides, until the skin has blackened & the flesh is soft. This will take about 20-22 minutes. Keep a watch while you do this.

2.              Preheat a grill to medium heat; you can slit the eggplant into half, grill skin side up for 25-30 minutes. If you plan to use an oven, preheat broiler to 325F and roast the eggplant for about 15-20 minutes until skin is burnt & starts to peel off.

While the eggplant is roasting, pound the coriander seeds and dry red chilies using a mortar & pestle. Set aside.

Once the eggplant has charred, using tongs, transfer it to a plate and let cool down for about 15 minutes. Peel off the charred skin from the eggplant.You can remove seeds if you want. Using a fork, mash the flesh. Set aside.

Heat oil on high in a heavy bottomed pan. When the oil is almost smoky, reduce heat to medium & add the chopped onions. Sauté for about 6-7 minutes or till the onions are translucent but not browned. Next, add the chopped ginger, garlic, green chilies and sauté for 30 seconds or till you smell the aroma. Add the coriander & red chill mixture next and sauté for another 30 seconds. Next, add the chopped tomatoes, set the heat on high again and cook the tomatoes for 7-8 minutes until they soften (but do not mush) and you see oil separating on sides of the pan.

At this point, add the mashed eggplant and salt to taste. Combine everything together, set heat to low and let cook for 3-4 minutes. You will see that the color of the mash deepens & few oil bubbles on the surface as it cooks.

Remove from heat and while still hot, add the dry mango powder and garam masala. Mix well.

Garnish with loads of chopped cilantro, green chilies, drizzle with some raw mustard/olive oil and serve warm with naan/ chapati (flatbreads)

Enjoy & Thanks for stopping by!

36 thoughts on “Baingan Bharta (Smoky Mashed Eggplant) – Guest Post for Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums

  1. This looks absolutely sinful and gets my Indian blood pumping – how well my 10 minute apple crumble would go after a meal of this dish!
    Thank you 🙂

  2. I have never been successful at cooking eggplants- always turn out way too squishy so i’ll head over to Rosa’s and look at the recipe in depth. Happy delated Diwali to you too.

  3. Hi Tanvi! How wonderful that you are on Rosa’s blog. I’ll be there in a minute. But I want to say how beautiful your photos are. The cover shot is gorgeous but at the same time I always look forward to your ingredient shots. I love how you style the food. Even a piece of garlic skin in the photo…. it’s very educational! Ok going to Rosa’s.

  4. My husband loves eggplant so much, is usually just roast them and mash it with oil and salt but this looks very flavourful and yummy. will check out your post at rosa’s site!

  5. Hey Tanvi, great to see you back! Life totally gets in the way of blogging sometimes. It’s natural.

    Your eggplant looks absolutely amazing – such beautiful colors and something new from my usual baba ghannouj or musa’aa (no idea what it’s called in English, but it’s roasted eggplant, peppers, onions, raisins and pine nuts eaten cold, sort of like Middle Eastern ratatouille).

  6. This looks divine! And you are right about eating baingan during winter. So soothing!

    BTW, I have to commend you on the efforts of great photographing a mush! It’s not easy to make something as mush as baingan and style it as appetizing!!!

  7. i am totally bookmarking this! i have been fascinated with indian cuisine in the past couple of weeks. i tried “gobhi matar” (a cauliflower green pea tomato chutney type dish) and it was SO GOOD. do u have any recommendations for good vegan, GF dishes that you think i’ll be able to make? email me when u can 🙂

  8. Saw your post at Rosa’s…but had to come visit you again 🙂 Looks delicious and the pictures as always beautiful!
    Hope you are having a nice week Tanvi 🙂

  9. Do what you gotta to do, and we will always be here!
    The work has been hectic as well, I try to cook, blog and stop by at other blogs to visit but it does not work always!
    This looks delicious and spicy … 🙂 Will head over to her blog and check it.

  10. Hi Tanvi– just wanted to let you know that I made this the other day for a dinner party of eight people, and it was the best bharta I ever made. I cheated however and just used chilli powder and dhaniya powder instead of roasting the coriander seeds and whole chillies. Thank you for a wonderful recipe. My bharta has always been lacking before.

  11. Hi Tanvi,

    Thanks for the recipe. I tried it. It came out well – But the color was not red like yours. I guess i did not mix it properly or follow your steps properly. Please advise.

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