Cardamom Shrikhand With Mango Saffron Compote

Allow me to call it a beauty.I dont mean fancy or flashy.Neither I want to hint that I toiled over this dessert for hours. It is something hopelessly easy to make, yet succeeds in achieving the delight a dessert is supposed to bring. Softly tart yogurt flavored with freshly ground elaichi (cardamom),topped with a luscious mango saffron compote – as simple as it can get but like a little sunshine on the spoon.

It is hard to believe that something so unfancy & minimal as yogurt & sugar can turn into a creation which appeals to the sweet tooth. I admit that cardamom & cream add more body to the dessert – making it a little more wonderful.Cream is traditionally not used – I like it for the added richness that it lends here. Trust me, never a easy dessert would taste so very spectacular.

Shrikhand is a yogurt based sweet dish originally from western parts of India. But now, it is popular all over the subcontinent. Basic shrikhand recipe is like a blank canvas – some like to add nuts, some combine chopped or pureed fruits with it and some let the melt in the mouth consistency remain unadulterated. Experiment as it pleases you.

I ate shrikhand for the first time prepared by one of my friend’s mom in Pune. She served it along side pooris (deep-fried flatbread) & a spicy bean sprouts curry. The combo was tad odd for me. Supposedly the yogurt is supposed to calm down the spices of the meal as you eat.I m not exactly sure how few bits of that first not-so- appreciable taste testing stuck with me.Eight years down the line & now I immensely enjoy shrikhand with pooris. Just like any comfort food, the sugar & oil overload is quite addictive.

Usually, pureed mango is mixed with hung yogurt & shrikhand becomes amrakhand. My favorite summer fruit is here. I bought season’s first batch last week & they seemed perfect to add a texture to the dessert.The mangoes were ripe & sweet – a compote was definitely on my mind. Addition of saffron to it seemed an obvious decision to accentuate the exotic flavors. The fact that I prepared the dessert with homemade dahi (indian style yogurt) made me a little happy than usual.

Preparation Time :- About 8 hours (includes draining in the refrigerator) 

Cooking Time :- 10 minutes (for both shrikhand & mango compote)

Ingredients (Makes 4 servings)

For the Shrikhand

  • 1.5 cups whole milk plain dahi (substitute with plain yogurt)
  • 100ml heavy cream, cold
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar (or to taste)
  • 8-9 green cardamom pods (or 1/2 tsp cardamom powder)
  • pinch of nutmeg powder
For the Mango Compote
  • 3 tbsp luke warm water
  • 1/4 tsp saffron threads
  • 1/2 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp lime zest
  • 2 ripe mangoes, peeled, cored, diced
Needed:- Colander, Muslin/CheeseCloth,Bowls
Making Shrikhand
Line a colander with muslin/cheese cloth large enough that you can tie up its ends. Place the colander over a large bowl. Ensure that there is gap between the colander bottom & the bowl bottom to collect the draining liquid. Pour the dahi into the colander,wrap up and tie up all the ends of the muslin/cheesecloth. Let the dahi drain for at least 6 hours or preferably overnight inside the refrigerator.
Note :-Dont leave dahi while it drains outside, else it will turn sour.Discard the whey once drained. Reserve the muslin/cheesecloth.(If in hurry, you can use Greek yogurt to make shrikhand too. Skip this step if doing so)
Transfer the strained, thick, cold dahi into a bowl. Add cream to it and start whisking using a hand beater. Slowly add the sugar and beat until you get slightly stiff peaks.
Again tie the dahi – cream mix in the muslin/cheesecloth & let drain in the colander arrangement (as explained above) for another 2 hours inside the refrigerator.
Break open the cardamom pods & grind the seeds using a mortar & pestle.Tip – Always buy whole cardamom pods.This way of making your own powder saves a lot of money.
After 2 hours, transfer the drained dahi  mix to a bowl. Add cardamom & nutmeg powder and stir gently with a wooden spoon. Let chill for at least 3-4 hours or till ready to serve.
Scoop the chilled shrikhand into serving bowls & top with mango compote (recipe below). Keeps well in fridge for 2-3 days.
Making Mango Compote  
In a medium bowl, dissolve the saffron in lukewarm water till it dissolves. About a minute or so. Stir in the lime juice, sugar and mix till sugar dissolves. Add in diced mangoes. Cover and chill upto 1 day.
Enjoy & thanks for stopping by!


45 thoughts on “Cardamom Shrikhand With Mango Saffron Compote

  1. Lovely ! Shrikhand reminds me of my Badi Mummy who used to make it so perfectly ! Yummy cool concoction for a hot summer afternoon.. One question did you use our Indian Alphonso mangoes in this ? Do you get them here ?

    1. Thanks Neha. I did not use alphonso. I dont think I can get them here, maybe not even at indian stores. I use ataulfo mangoes from mexico. I think they come closest to indian taste.

      1. Thank you for the name of the mangoes , so I know what to look out for ! Keep sharing your goodness with us ! 🙂

  2. I wonder where my previous comment disappeared anyways ! I had written ” Thats a lovely recipe ! reminds me of my Badi Mummy, she used to make shrikhand perfectly !! Yummy cool concoction for a hot summer afternoon….Thank you for the recipe….I have a question….What kind of mangoes did you use in this ? Do you get Alphonsos here in US ? ”


  3. Another amazing recipe and photography Tanvi! I love your dessert recipe and this looks wonderful…especially tons of mangoes in it. ^_^

  4. Hi Tanvi, I love the intricacy with which you write about every recipe. The photos just make it even more desirable! I can tell the amount of time, patience and work you put into each post. Great stuff 🙂

  5. I am also going nuts here whenever I am in market…Can see only mangoes !! As you said very easy and no hassle but tasty and yummy. Gorgeous clicks as usual

  6. beautiful clicks. agree with you that some homemade curd with cardamom and sugar is a simple and gorgeous dessert.

    i already have an amrakhand recipe on my site which i posted a while ago. with the mangoes in full season here, we usually have them plain or sometimes i make baked goodies.

  7. What a delight this treat is! I can imagine that the creamy portion and the sweet/tangy mango compote compliment each other perfectly!

  8. Oh I love Shrikhand anytime!!These look divine and those mangoes,man I need to get some mangoes right now!!Gorgeous!

  9. wow such beautiful pics, i really think you should upgrade to a SLR, you are doing so good with a Point and shoot (if you are using this), with SLR you would do wonders

  10. That is beautiful Tanvi, I love good, thick yogurt with jam or anything sweet. Or any dairy for that matter.Love to combine feta cheese with jam too 🙂 So this is perfect for my taste 🙂

  11. Awesome recipe.. I made it this weekend for my own graduation ceremony and it came out well. I used frozen berries instead of mangoes… Thanks!

  12. OH this looks just divine! gorgeous gorgeous photos! and I agree, there’s nothing better than a really ripe sweet mango! love the addition of saffron in the compote, and the cardamom, one of my favourite spices!

  13. I made it and ate it up just now. Till now I had only eaten the store bought skrikhands so I have to say that this was a revelation. The alternating tastes of mango compote and creamy srikhand is pure pure bliss. Another winner from Sinfully Spicy!

    1. Thanks Priya.Love that you try the recipes & give your feedback. Do let me know about the ones that you dont like 😉

  14. Tanvi– I have to thank you for this recipe. I had never made shrikhand before in my life, as it always seemed so daunting. But I made it the other day when I had some family over and it was a huge hit. For all your lazy readers out there, I took a few short cuts and it still turned out amazing. First of all, I used Greek yoghurt. Secondly, I didn’t bother to drain the dahi after adding the cream, nor did I bother to put it in the fridge for two hours. (Next time, I think I will skip the cream entirely, so as to make it less fatty. As it is, I used 0% fat Greek yoghurt). Lastly, I didn’t use as much sugar as is called for in the recipe, which does make it less authentic, but we liked it nonetheless. The shrikhand with the mango compote was a genius idea of yours, thank you again!

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