Mangodi – Sun dried Lentil Nuggets

SinfullySpicy - Mangodi (Sun Dried Lentil Nuggets)I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen this week. I baked a cake after two years, cooked dum biryani for the first time, sprouted whole red lentils and I made mangodis.

For last few years I wanted to make mangodis .Where I live has the perfect sun for making these – crisp, dry heat. But, each year the summers passed by and I just sat on the idea. There is a particular variety I like from back home, mom sent me the quota with whoever was coming here. I survived.

This year, I ran out of my stock earlier than usual. With summers still far from over in my part of the world its a good excuse to make my own, right?

In my home, we make a soupy curry with mangodi and potatoes. It is then served with dal tadka (tempered lentils) and rice. I never really cared for these growing up. In fact, I did not understand why would any one want to turn lentil into a curry and then eat it with lentils again. Confusing.

Logics aside, I think my palate was not ready was for it then. Now, when I think of traditional home cooked food, mangodi-aloo definitely comes to mind.

Mangodi , Moongbadi or Mungwadi are small,spicy lentil nuggets which are sun-dried in indian households during summer months. Variety of lentils ( yellow, red, split green or urad ) can be used to prepare these. Depending on the region of India, they could differ in texture and taste. The lentil batter is like your blank canvas – keep it plain, add your own choice of dried herbs or spices, some people add garlic and ginger too. Mangodis are inedible on their own but once lightly sautéed in a teaspoon of oil, they can be used in curries or combined with different vegetables & leafy greens to make stir fries. Crush the shallow fried ones between palms and add as a topping on salads. Other than that, they can be soaked in warm water for few minutes and then added to your vegetarian soups, stews or rice pilaf.

Ingredients  (Makes little more than 2 cups of mangodis)

  • 1.5 cups split yellow mung lentils
  • 4 cups of water to soak the lentil
  • 3/4 tsp hing (asafoetida)
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper, crushed
  • Oil to grease

Also Needed – Plates/thalis/cookie sheets/ plastic sheets- Any one of these to sun dry the nuggets.

Note – I use unpolished, organic yellow mung lentils from Whole foods, so I added turmeric powder for a nice yellow tinge. Turmeric does not add any flavor to the mangodis. The turmeric quantity in this recipe can be varied as per you lentil quality.


In a large bowl, thoroughly wash the lentils 2-3 times till the water runs clear. Soak the lentils in about 4 cups of water preferably overnight or for at least 4 hours.

Grease the plates or thalis with oil where you want to drop the lentil nuggets.Set aside.

Drain the water, give lentils another wash and tip them into a blender. Blend the lentils to smooth without water.

Transfer the ground lentils to bowl and add hing, black pepper and turmeric powder to it. Mix well.

Put the lentil mix in a piping bag fitted with plain/star nozzle, or a Ziploc bag (with cut out corner), squeeze it and pipe out small dots on a greased plate/ thali, about 1/8 inches apart. For the quantity of batter from this recipe, I used 6 dinner plates.

Keep the piped out mangodis in sun for at least 2 days or more till they dry out.

Once dry, these will be hard. Using a metal spatula, scrape them from the surface of the plate and store in an air tight container up to 8-10 months.

Make mangodi- aloo masala curry.

Enjoy and Thanks for stopping by!

13 thoughts on “Mangodi – Sun dried Lentil Nuggets

  1. Ahahah “I did not understand why would any one want to turn lentil into a curry and then eat it with lentils again. Confusing” It’s great to see this recipe I think Soma mentioned this specialty a few years back on social media. We were discussing tofu I think and somehow it evolved into the dries lentil mangodis. My mom never made this but from my understanding it is a Northern/Western Indian specialty, isn’t it?

    • Shulie,
      Thanks for stopping by. Besides north,these are popular in eastern India too, they eat a lot of badis made with urad dal at my inlaws house.

  2. Loved the recipe tanvi! I would try this right away but in my part of the world it’s winter and cloudy to boot. So I guess for me, the mangodi preparation will have to wait for a few more moinths

  3. Nita – Paris, France – Vietnamese-American epicurean with a taste for home cooked meals & culinary stories residing in outskirts of Paris
    nita on said:

    I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love the beautiful photos and the tasty recipes on your site!

  4. Absolutely love this!! 🙂 We call them “Badi” and I have so many memories of this from summer visits to my grandma’s place. She used to make these on thin cotton sarees if I remember correctly and I used to just spend hours watching how artistically she shaped each one without any measurements.. yet they were all identical in shape, size and wt. I have been wanting to make it at home but the weather here is very humid all year round given the tropical climate.. rains are almost every day.. I do hope to make it some day! Love the first shot !!:)

  5. Just loved the way you used a piping bag. Nicely done mangodis. We usually make with urad dal and call them vadis. Even I make aloo vadi often.

  6. Asmita Bapat kakodker – Tampa ,Fl – I am a home maker who takes great pride in my kitchen as I love to cook and bake. My passion for baking started a about a year ago and once the bug bit me there was no stopping me. I find baking very relaxing and best of all I love to see people around me enjoying the treats I have made. My baking recipes are all by my favorite food network star Ina Garten. I look upon her as my "Guru". As for my cooking it's a mix of recipes I have collected over the years from family and friends, books and the internet. These recipes that I have been making for years and everyone's favorite. I hope you enjoy them too.
    Asmita Bapat kakodker on said:

    This looks amazing!!!

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    shruti on said:

    lovely food pictures! how do you click the yumminess! do check this food blog

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