Layered Mango & Raspberry Dessert

Sinfully Spicy :Layered Mango & Raspberry DessertRemember I mentioned that I made two desserts back to back over the 4th of July weekend? This is the second one besides the mango pudding. It is rather an assembly than a cooked or baked dessert but it came out so well. It is a spontaneous idea that I trying to share with you.But this layered thing came out so well and mainly because it is the best thing I have made so far this summer,I wanted to share it. Share it badly so you can try it this season itself before the mango & berries are gone. I don’t even know what to call it, maybe an indian cassatta because that’s closest to what I had in mind when I was it putting together. Maybe an ice cream cake? Or let’s just call it a frozen-layered-dessert. 

Literally, I played with food. I just had an idea to start with and few leftovers – mango puree after making the pudding, cake slices and heavy cream nearing expiration. A dessert which brings together pound cake, ice cream, berries, mangoes and cream and nuts(if you like)could hardly not taste good. It like hitting the bull’s eye standing at arm’s length. This was a bomb.Literally. It is not everyday that the husband complains that I should have considered a 8 or 9 inch round instead of the little 6 inch cake pan. But then, I wanted to finish off the leftovers rather than start something new in itself. Anyhow.

You can use the recipe just as a guideline and play around with whatever flavor or textures you like. I wanted to sneak in some dried mixed fruits and nuts but held back since the other half is not very fond of textures in food (how boring, right?). Whatever, make this dessert before summer ends and if your kids are of that age, involve them in the fun too.

It took me half a day to put all these layers all together – freezing the previous one and topping with next one and all. But so worth it. When I saw family asking for second or third serving, I decided that the next time I make this, it would be a 9″ or 10″ round.

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13 thoughts on “Layered Mango & Raspberry Dessert

  1. Nita – Paris, France – Vietnamese-American epicurean with a taste for home cooked meals & culinary stories residing in outskirts of Paris
    Nita on said:

    Lovely photos!

  2. spiceinthecity – I am Naina. Born and brought up in Mumbai, I currently live in 'Wonderful' Copenhagen. I am an IT Project Manager, in love with all things creative, particularly cooking & photography. Thanks for being here. This is going to be fun :)
    spiceinthecity on said:

    Really gorgeous! Your reference to cassatta took me back 🙂

  3. Amanda | What's Cooking – Manhattan – Cooking and healthy eating are passions of mine. Storytelling is an inherent part of both of them. My site is a home for the tales of culture, family and personal growth through the lens of cooking and eating, which are universal human experiences, but unique to each person. I wanted to share my unique corner of it from my tiny kitchen in New York City. I hope to share this passion and continue to challenge myself and broaden my horizons.
    Amanda on said:

    Beautiful. Seriously this dessert must taste at least half as good as it looks. Stunning!

  4. Shumaila – Shifting to a mining town post marriage has by default made me a housewife (or as people nowadays like to say a "homemaker"). This blog is about the experiments I take upon everyday to keep myself busy. With a passion for all things sweet, mostly I talk about baking, but as a newly wed, this blog is also about my journey from a novice housewife, who previously never worked around the house to one who runs the reins now!
    Shumaila The Novice Housewife on said:

    Sounds and looks heavenly. I had the same exact thought as your husband..that is a small dessert. Hehe. Definitely going to play around with this recipe. Pinning it for now.

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