Easy Cashew & Raisins Icecream (Kaju Kishmish)

Sinfully Spicy - Kaju Kishmish Icecram (Easy Eggless Cashew Ice cream)Hi Friends! How have you been?

Things have been so quite here but not so much in my kitchen. Most days, we are eating fresh and home cooked, the kitchen is so busy  but other priorities in life have made me slightly busy that there is less time to set up shoots and hence the lack of posts. But I guess, sometimes in life, you need to cut the routine to see how doing nothing or something different feels. This summer I am involving myself in things which I have not done in last few years, more on that later. It is good to be away for a while. Hope you missed me 🙂 However, I will keep this space buzzing whenever I can.Meanwhile, you can catch me on Instagram & Facebook.

I grew up eating it in small grey cardboard cups which had a flip lid. You flip away the lid and a couple of chubby brown raisins stared at you on top of blushing pink with soft bits of cashews scattered in. I always used my nails to pick the raisins out first and then the paddle shaped wooden spoon to scoop the rest. One cup disappeared after another in no time, sitting under the shade of   kumquat tree in blazing indian summer heat, sweaty foreheads, dripping cream on our dresses and white foamy mustaches, oh to be a child again!

I came up with this recipe fueled by this tradition in my kitchen to come up with an ice cream recipe each summer.It came out amazing, like most homemade ice creams do. I used a subtle flavor of green cardamom but vanilla will work great also. The husband loved it.I loved it and so did our little girl who is fond of all things cashew. I hope you will love it too!

Update 10/03/2015 Recently Sinfully Spicy was included in Top 50 Blogs of India. Link here


Soak 1 cup raw cashews for 5-6 hrs. Drain. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil, add the soaked cashews and let boil for 5-8 mins. Drain and let cool down completely. Transfer to a blender and using 1/3 to 1/2 cup evaporated milk (or full fat milk) grind the cashews to a coarse paste. 

Mix 2 cups of heavy cream with a 14oz can of condensed milk. You can add sugar(about 1/4 cup) if you want to adjust sweetness. Mix the cashews paste along with 1 tsp fresh ground cardamom. Combine well, transfer to the dish in which you want to freeze and freeze for 5-6 hours. When the mixture starts freezing and has a pudding consistency,add in handful of dry toasted cut up cashews(optional) along with 1/2 cup of golden raisins. Freeze overnight. Scoop and serve.

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  1. Cashews and Raisins…I am not sure if I am strange, but I would pick these flavors any day over a typical ben and jerrys ice cream flavor…sounds perfect compliment to a creamy custard 🙂

  2. Hi. I’m very interested in the Indian culture, traditions and language. That’s why when I graduate from college, I want to go to India, but I have a long way to go. I really want to try some of the Indian food and sweets because it looks good.

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  4. Simply Splendid Food – Toronto, ontario, canada – A true foodie; full of fine dining tips and noteworthy suggestions. While growing up, I would open the fridge and often see wonderful surprises like smoked eel! No eye of newt? I grew up in a Scandinavian cuisine. It included my mother's buttery 'Pulla' - a Finnish sweet bread with cardamon. A hit with friends at Christmas time!
    Simply Splendid Food on said:

    I really like the addition of the green cardamom. Spectacular! Not everyone knows you should use the green cardamon and not the brown cardamon. I know your ice cream would taste fantastic. I’m glad I found your blog!

  5. mosi – Ich bin süchtig nach... Lachen&Lebensfreude Essen&Kochen Freunden&Lieblingsmenschen Schokolade&Kaubonbons Fotografie&Kunst
    mosi on said:

    wow… that´s yummy 😀
    cashews are my favourites!!!

  6. Finally a delicious Indian dessert recipe we can try, we’ve never gone down that road before 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed for these inexperienced Europeans 🙂

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  8. caitlin – Back to Spain began as a way to share my experiences as a culinary intern at Nerua and Mina, two restaurants in Bilbao, Spain. The internships ended but the party didn't stop. I'm back in New York now and blogging away because the spirit of Back to Spain is still relevant. Because I want to inspire people to create memorable food experiences; and because I think everyone has had or wants to have a Back to Spain moment - a time when we return to the simple joys of life; when we take a risk to do something for pure passion. Back to Spain shares recipes, inspirational places and spaces, and conversations with creative persons in the form of the B2S questionnaire. ME? My favorite ingredients are: tahini, extra virgin olive oil, almond butter, honey, cashews, cardamom, paprika, flat-leaf parsley, eggs (all styles), fancy salt (though I typically use the store-brand canister of Kosher salt), most root vegetables (which I like to purée). I only eat sweet for breakfast. I don't have much professional experience baking but my goal is to one day make that country bread from Chad Robertson's 38-page recipe.... Oh, and I'm a libra. And I once did a stage at Septime, in ol' Pareee. That about sums me up.
    caitlin on said:

    that melty ice cream photo tho….. mouth watering!

  9. Mmm… So decadent, so indulgent. Looks heavenly. Greetings from an amateur-cook from Poland.

  10. Brina – New York, NY – My name's Sabrina. Brina for short. I am an assistant to a food photographer and chef, a registered dietitian and full-time foodie. Hope you enjoy my recipes!
    Sabrina on said:

    Absolutely adore this ice cream!

  11. gabbieegracexo – Oh, I didn’t see you there! Thanks for clicking my page. My name is Gabriella. I’m a seventeen year old who’s just beginning to learn how this life thing works. I use writing as an escape. I also love videography. I’m always either filming or writing. I would like to be a journalist when I’m a bit older and more experienced. I know that in order to be a good writer you need to be wise or at least have some wisdom. The key to being wise is to know that you know absolutely nothing. I also know that being wise comes with experience. You should never be afraid to learn what you know nothing of. I am very passionate about literature and inspiration. People inspire people daily. I would like to be one of those people for you.
    gabbieegracexo on said:

    I really want to make this!

  12. Linnea – Young woman from Finland living in Bergen, Norway. Loves to travel and cook. Enjoys positive and pretty things in life.
    Linnea on said:

    WOW, have to make this. Looks fantastic. 🙂 Have you tried it with pistachios?

  13. James Walker, Jr. – Hi my name is James Walker, Jr. I'm a 16 year old in high school. I am a big time movie buff, and just love everything about Media. Some things I really love other then media are everything to do with Marvel and DC, I love music and almost every type of music too, lastly I just really like hanging out with friends. I am just a go with the flow chill type of guy who is always down to chill. I am also a very mature person, I have personally been through a lot in my life and because of that I have always been a little more mature then others. I am a person who tries to understand everything and try to accept it. I don’t hate anyone and I only don’t like a person if they don’t like me. I would never go back and change anything because it has made me the guy I am today.
    James Walker, Jr. on said:

    OMG! This looks so good, I want to make it so bad.

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