Hi there!

I am Tanvi, the writer, cook, photographer & spice lover here. I am based in Las Vegas, USA. Lets share a love of spices here – fragrant and enticing. Sinfully Spicy is my effort to showcase my indian roots and a  way to document my family recipes which I happen to cook almost everyday in my American kitchen .

I spent most of my life in Delhi, India in a household where each single day, we ate traditional, made-from-scratch meals cooked with fresh and seasonal ingredients. As a studious child who had little time above and beyond her engineering books (I have a formal education in Mechanical engineering) and someone who went on to absolutely love long hours of corporate life, whenever I got time, I entered the kitchen as a way to spend time with my mother and grandmother watching them cook fragrant curries, making spice pastes from scratch and serving elaborate, time-consuming meals to the family. Growing up in a household where spices were hand-ground on stone each single day, I have always believed that cooking authentic food requires time and patience and indian food is big on flavor thanks to these rules.

Most of the food you will see here on the blog is tied to beautiful memories of those days. This blog has, over the years developed into a space where I preserve anecdotes and the cheer the dishes from back then bring to me everyday. I took a break for 5 years from blogging after my kids were born and while I was caught up with life, the love of sharing never went away. I have a buzzing Instagram page with a community of followers who share my love of home cooked meals and love to recreate my recipes in their kitchens.

Indian food is as diverse as the country itself, staples differ from home to home,region to region.Even when you are cooking the same thing,the methods will be different between two home-cooks. Here, on Sinfully Spicy, you will find the food that I grew up with, it could be my mother’s signature dal makhani to grandmother’s gujiya or my aunt’s rogan josh. My recipes have slowly, over the years started representing the influence of my living in the Las Vegas, United States and the variety of  produce and ingredients available here in stores, locally and artisanal, that I find every bit inspiring. Many of the indian recipes that I share are vegan or gluten-free friendly naturally, in case that interests you.

The contents of this blog, written & photographed are mine,unless noted otherwise. I solely reserve all copyrights to anything published on this website.

Right now, I do not appreciate or encourage you reproducing my recipes on your blog/website for this dilutes my content. However, you are welcome to link back in case you like or want to highlight something. Ask for permission before using any content from this blog for your business/advertising use.

Please do NOT reblog posts from this blog on you site.

For questions or any other food related help, you can reach me via contact page.You can also find me on Facebook (don’t forget to hit the like button :)) Lets connect on Pinterest too.

Stay Spicy!


120 replies on “About”

Hi Tanvi,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. That way I could come across your wonderful blog. Simply loved your recipes. Shall visit again. 🙂


This definitely is a very well designed blog. I too have just entered the interesting world of food blogging and to be honest I am keen on interacting with my fellow bloggers so now that I have discovered sinfully spicy(very interesting name) will find me here quite often.

Hey, great blog…love your pics, esp your banner pics…very very professional looking…will be checking on you regularly from now on :-)….keep going..and thanks for the very empathetic comment on my blog too 😀

Dear Tanvi
How are you? 1st time I am reading about you…very nice introduction. I was unable to visit most blogs and now I will make it up. Let me check what great recipes you have posted in my absence….
Have a nice week ahead.

I am so happy I discovered your blog. I love the recipes and all the more your style of writing. It reflects your passion for cooking very subtly. The pics are awesome too!

Hi tanvi, I am so impressed with your photographs and the presentation. I am definitely going to try your recipes. Keep up the good work.

Dear fellow mechanical engg,
I love your blog and share you enthusiasm of baking and cooking. Your blog is sensational and I love your photography. Subscribed to have your posts drop into my inbox.

Meanwhile I am going through your recipe index to feel inspired.

Hi Tanvi,

Loved you blog…stumbled upton it a few days back…Love your description and the pictures…and today I hit your “About” tab and saw you live in LasVegas…Well me too…it was hard to resist leaving a comment…Great going, am goign to try your cauliflower with mint dish tonight…Cheers…


Tanvi, Fabulous blog.
I hope to take some more inspiration for Indian dishes from here over the coming weeks.

hey Tanvi,
You have a gorgeous blog. I am a north Indian married to a south Indian and I totally love your recipes. Your pics are especially pretty. i have a blog of my own *sheepish* but no camera so the pics are blurry and no fun at all. One day in the near future I wud like a nice sophisticated blog like yours 🙂 keep up the good work. Cheers!

Hi Tanvi!!! I just accidentally discovered your blog!!! And I’m very glad I did 🙂 Love the blog, the writing and the awesome pics!! I have just been browsing for a while, and I already have at least 10 recipes that I wanna try!! Will be here more often from now on 🙂 Take care and have fun!!

I just discovered your blog through your gorgeous photo of Dum Cooked Basmati Rice with Black Spices featured on foodbuzz’s Top 9 today. (Congrats on that!) I love Indian food, but am a little intimidated by it. I’m subscribing to your blog to learn more! 🙂

I have found your gorgeous website while surfing for tomato soup and awesome recipe along with wonderful word and explanations..nice job tanvi 🙂 visit my blog if you have some time kaberiskitchen.blogspot.com

What else can I say when I came across your blog…another “sinfully amazing looking blog”! Looking forward for many more sinfully amazing pictures and recipes!

I’m curious how you would prepare kohl rabi. German and Chinese style dishes tend to enhance the subtle veggie sweetness of this root vegetable.

Interesting blog! I was looking for Indian recipes to cook in a crock pot and I stumble upon your blog & I am glad I found it. I plan to cook Aloo keema using your recipe and couple other non-vegetarian curries this weekend. I will be using a slow cooker on low heat for 6-8 hours. I like to experiment when it comes to cooking and the idea of cooking Indian meals (veg/non-veg) in a slow cooker is something I have not tried. I’ll let you how it goes. With your detail instructions and amazing pictures anyone can get inspired and start enjoying cooking. Thank you!!

Hi Tanvi, I don’t think I stopped by told you how much I love your blog when I clicked on the link to follow your posts. 🙂 I’m taking this opportunity to nominate your blog for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. The rules to accept & share this award are in the following link – http://kelipaan.com/awards/.

Made Bhuna Chicken taking the recipe from your blog. Bookmarking this space to read and make more spicy recipes! And well, I’ll be in Vegas for a vacation soon 🙂

Tanvi, Love you space..So glad to meet you at blogosphere! I am going to follow you blog via email right now so that I dont miss any updates. Your recipes are mouthwatering and pics are fab!

Hi Tanvi, you’ve done one amazing work on your blog here. U take fabulous pictures, very lucid and inviting. And yep, I love spicy food too.. so keeping an eye out for posts from you.

Hey Tanvi……you have got nice stuff on your blog with brilliant photographs. I am following you so that I cant miss next posts from you. Thanks for the recipes and enjoy…..

Hi Tanvi,

It gives me immense pleasure to nominate you for the “Shine On” award.. Its needless for me to mention how much I enjoy your recipe’s, your food photography & the props… 🙂

Good to see you back in the blogging world.. hope your little one is well… 🙂 keep rocking the blogging world with your super awesome recipe’s.. 🙂

Check out the details on accepting this award at – http://kelipaan.com/awards/


Hello tanvi,
I feel good to read that you are following you mother in USA and use Indian culture at USA. Because mostly new generation are forget about our culture and they like to having fast food.

Thanks for writing this blog, this is the inspirational blog.

Dear Tanvi,

Love the new look…very neat!
Appreciate all the hard work on the shots and the toofan-tastic menu’s 🙂

Greetings from the Netherlands

Beautiful blog, I am envious of your photography really captures the moment. Good Luck 🙂

Hi Tanvi! Great blog, beautiful pictures and delicious recipes. But, watch out for a lawsuit from me, as I have been very unproductive at work, spending the entire day reading through 12 of your blog pages and admiring the recipes and pictures, not to forget the accompaniment of little stories. You have just found a great admirer of your work keep it going.

Hello Tanvi
De lurking after reading your blog for many months and having tried a few of your recipes. Great stuff! Love the photography and the anecdotes, your blog takes me back to a childhood spent in India! Keep going girl, there isn’t a better source for me , of Indian recipes than your blog anywhere else on the internet!
Ps am making Tahiri today, just got fresh peas from the farmers market!

Thank you so much Richa. I am so glad that you left a comment here, such kind and nice words, you just made my dull day! Thanks for cooking from the blog and your feedback. It means a lot.
Hopefully you continue to enjoy my work!

I landed here through tastespotting and glad that I did,brilliant writing with adorable pics,I completely agree with you that how many Indian foods are essentially vegan and GF,this is what I think every time when I see a vegan or GF wave raising,happy to find you 🙂

Hi Tanvi:
Great site. Thanks for linking to tarladalal.com recipes and glossary. Just a simple request is to put the words of the recipe in the link instead of saying click here. So you would for example provide the name Masala Dosa and put the link on it instead of saying click here.


Hi Tanvi,
I just happened to visit your blog and felt so impressed that I couldn’t resist dropping you a message. Love your photographs and presentation. Keep up the good work.


Hi Tanvi, have been following your blog for quite sometime. Also tried some of your dessert recipes like Gulab Jamun, Jalebi it turned out great. You have a well written and a fabulous blog and awesome photos and excellent photography skills.Every week I always look forward to reading new post on the menu.I have been wanting to do the jalebi again and tried accessing the page but gives me an error. Appreciate if you let me know how to get hold of the recipe. Again keep it coming as inspires readers like me to keep trying new stuff for the sake of the awesome photos 🙂


Thank you Vidya.I am so glad that you liked the recipes and my work.
I am so sorry about this but I kind of lost few recipes on the blog,jalebi was one of them.
I plan to do a new post on it soon (hopefully near diwali)and a couple of more sweets. Thank you again

Hi, your recipes sound simply divine. My mouth is watering just reading them. We would love to showcase your meals on our portal, an exciting venture creating dinning experience for food lovers. Please let us know of you would be willing. We’d be much obliged 🙂

Hi Tanvi,

Just a quick message to say, I love your photography and recipes!

You have a great way with colour, composition and cooking some amazing food!

Appreciation from the UK!

Hi there I stumbled upon this delectably delicious website…I am so impressed by everything. Your photography brings the meals to life; I can imagine the smell and taste through the image. I cant wait to try some of your recipes – keep it up!

Awesome Blog… Just discovered your blog by accident and was so thankful stumbling upon this blog. Your recipes are are so simple ,clean and easy to make.. I tried Bengali Egg roles and it was big hit for my husband. being staying out of India we crave for simple and good Indian food ( all thanks to restricted ingredients). Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

Hello Tanvi, I am from the Netherlands. Never been in India but just love Indian food. I read your blog several years now and I really love it. Your recipes are really yummie, your images are so inviting and your stories give you such an “at home” feel. Most other blogs on Indian cookery are only interesting for a short period but I am a fan of your blog now for some years. Thank you for sharing your recipes, your images and your stories

I have been trying out few of your recipes these days and all of them have been well loved! Thank you for the neat descriptions. And may I add, superbly shot pics!

I have been browsing through your blog, and am astounded by the breath of Indian cuisine. Living in Malaysia, we are constantly exposed to mainly southern Indian cuisine (prata and sambars), a handful of quality restaurants (Anjappar for example) have blossomed and it is indeed a step in a right direction. Thank you for sharing your recipes, and I look forward to trying them out soon.

Thanks Leo.Like any other country of the world, Indian cuisine is also regional – north, south, east, west. And all the cuisines are so different in flavor profile from each other, the methods of cooking and the selection of ingredients.I mostly cover north india but there are a lot of favorites thrown in from other parts of India as well. Hope you enjoy the blog.

What a delightfully beautiful blog!! I’m new to the blogosphere and stumbled on you blog through IG, and I must say I’m inspired. I look forward to trying some of your wonderful recipes. Cheers!

Hi Tanvi! I am loving all your food photography! As an amateur but very much avid photographer myself I was wondering if you would be open to some questions regarding how you came to be so creative with your camera. Email or maybe another type of medium would be a great place to send some of my questions if you are open to it. Did I tell you how much I love your food pictures…absolutely scrumptious! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Tanvi, I was hoping you would suggest and allow me to line back to your site for the following reason. I am writing a blog about cardamom. Of course YOU know how important of a spice that is in Indian cooking. I wondered if you might suggest a curry, a dessert and drink that uses that
spice particularly well. I have been reading your blog for a year a more and you do present some fab recipes!!! Carol at Wild Goose Mama formerly Wild Goose Tea

hello Tanvi, i came across your blog when i was browsing food blogs. I am a die hard spice lover. and i stumbled onto the right blog. i enjoyed reading a few posts and loved it. it was an instant inspiration. thank you for sharing your food to us through your blog. 🙂

Hi Tanvi,

I accidentally came across your blog and I am hooked 😀. Love the way you relate your delicious recipes to a story. It gives the whole blog a meaning. I already have a list of recipes to try from your blog.
And the details of food styling and photography have really inspired me. I am curious to know where you got all the various tabletop surfaces to photograph on !! Really good collection.
Please give amateurs like me some tips about food photography. A post or even a blog would be a good idea.
Looking forward to more recipes & some tips !!!

Thank you Neha. Those surfaces are not store bought. I have made them on my own. You can find a lot of resources on internet for doing that.
Thanks for your kind comment and welcome to the blog!

You got a lovely blog! amazing photography and recipes! I am new to food blogging so I would love to get your feedback on my blog 🙂

I have always enjoyed Indian spices. Yesterday I made a spicy sweet potato salad with added ground cumin. Often I have curried chicken with rice. Thank you for your splendid recipes! I will follow your blog with joy! I must have lived in India in my past life.

Indian food is one of my and my husband’s favorite food. I’m a firm believer that spice makes just about any food taste better and still discovering it in my cooking and eating everyday. I’m so glad to have found your blog 🙂 So many people are into simple and quick recipes these days, seem to have lost appreciation for food cooked with real effort, time and love. Looking forward to seeing a lot more from you!

I have visited your blog for the first time n I must say that it is beautiful both in terms of content and photography.. Well done.. Pics have been clicked so professionally… Have u learnt food photography ??? Superb work..

Reached your blog through a article on daily-post and I’m glad that I found your blog. You have wide variety of recipes accompanied by lively photography. You write really well I got lost in your words imagining the scene you describe in your post about your childhood days. Simply loved your work.

Hi Tanvi, So glad to see your blog is back. Your blog was one of my faves bcos of the gorgeous pics and recipes. So I was really sad to see this site go.. I did keep following you on IG. Anyway glad that this amazing site is back and you’ve started posting your amazing content.

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